The Stag By The Cabin


An Amazon Best Book of October 2016: The Wangs vs the World is pure entertainment – filled with exuberant characters, comic predicaments and the ups and downs of every life. Charles Wang, a wildly successful businessman, has brought up his children in the lap of luxury. But in the prime of his life, and after one bad investment, his entire net worth is suddenly gone.


The countdown to armageddon has begun.
Some believe it began 700 million years ago, others say it started in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Regardless of its exact origin, the war between the worlds is about to reach its final conclusion: The End of Days. As global allies fall to the wayside and nations start a mad scramble to realign their military structures, only one element in the arsenal of the world can possibly give Earth a fighting chance at survival: The Matchstick Man. But who is this small being, exactly? Can he outsmart his former masters? Can he be trusted?


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