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The Bookstore is located at 1133 Broadway in New York City’s Nomad neighborhood. For over fifty years the Bookstore has been widely considered one of the foremost independent booksellers in America specializing in rare collections books.

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We understand your frustration when you can’t get the book you need , ‌If our Library doesn’t hold a copy of the book that you like you can order it.

  • we can only provide books that are available now on the market
  • please select your orders carefully so that we can manage your demand
  • If your order is not currently available from our suppliers we will let you know as soon as possible


My primary concern as a bookseller will be customer service, but i'll also need an excellent knowledge of the shop's stock and of the wider book market in general.


I'll help customers locate titles and offer information and advice about different books that are available. A bookseller is also heavily involved in ordering and displaying stock.


Booksellers may work in specialist book retailers or in retailers where books form only part of the stock.I can work for large retailers or small independent bookshops

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With increased responsibility, my role becomes more operations and business-orientated. For those at higher levels, the work also involves dealing with staffing and training

We are open everyday for shopping in person. Starting by Sunday October 25th, store hours is Monday to Sunday: 11am – 7pm

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Order a Book

Enjoy our Book Order Service available for all our clients – ‌If our Library doesn’t hold a copy of the book that you like you can order it.